GLORY WOODPOWER Frequently Asked Questions


1.Why GLORY WOODPOWER COMPOSITE product Low maintainence?

GLORY WOODPOWER COMPOSITE product fully capped with a high stain, scratch, and fade resistant layer. In addition, the boards are waterproof, so there is no need for any labour that would be necessary with regular timber. Normal sweeping and cleaning is still necessary to clean off debris and dirt.

2.Does GLORY WOODPOWER COMPOSITE product fade in external area?

GLORY WOODPOWER COMPOSITE product with great Ultra Violet resistance. Although long years of direct sunlight will not affect product quality, slight fading will still exist.

3.How we we design the Space of joist/deck keel?

We recommend 350mm spacing between them. When two deck connecting area, we will use two joist under it to avoid turning up.

4.GLORY WOODPOWER COMPOSITE product compare with Timber,which better?

If it is a temporary building, the wood is indeed better. However, when you need to pay for the maintenance of traditional timber decks, materials, time, and labor costs each year, GLORY WOODPOWER COMPOSITE product costs really low. GLORY WOODPOWER COMPOSITE product will save you all time and money all at once.


GLORY WOODPOWER COMPOSITE product has mould inhibitors that prevent mould growing on the inside of the board. Surface mould can still happen, however, it will never penetrate the board itself.

6.IS GLORY WOODPOWER COMPOSITE Wall & Deck product absorb heat?

GLORY WOODPOWER COMPOSITE product will get hotter than timber in direct sunlight. In hot weather, it is equivalent to concrete and doesn’t affect walking.

7.What is the spacing after the floor is fitted with Hidden fasteners?

GLORY WOODPOWER COMPOSITE decking has grooved boards, which are designed specifically to be fixed using the “Hidden Fastener ”.Spacing around 2mm.

8. What is the warranty period of GLORY WOODPOWER COMPOSITE product?

GLORY WOODPOWER COMPOSITE product service life is as high as 15 years. Based on correct installation and use of our products is guaranteed for 3 years.

9.IS GLORY WOODPOWER COMPOSITE deck anti scraping?

GLORY WOODPOWER COMPOSITE decking has an outer capping of polymer that encapsulates the board in an impermeable layer of protection that provides scratch, stain and fade resistance. Normal activities incurred in day to day living will not scratch your decking.

10.How to handle the cutting mouth of the GLORY WOODPOWER COMPOSITE deck?

It is recommended that you apply a clear sealant to any exposed ends or cut edges to protect against moisture and swelling.

11.Does the installation required use GLORY WOODPOWER fastener?

YES.The Warranty will be void if the deck is not installed using GLORY WOODPOWER’s hidden clip system in accordance with the Installation Guidelines. The clip system is designed to allow the boards to expand and contract. If you screw down the boards, there is no allowance for this expansion and contraction movement.

12. How can i get the sample?

We will provide free sample to our client, more details, pls contact us.

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