Deck material cost value to replace wood deck per square foot for wrap around deck


How Much will It price to make a Deck by Size

A new deck will add worth to your home and increase your way while not the expense of adding an area. the common house owner spends concerning $7,000 to make a two hundred to five hundred area unit deck, with smaller decks material cost accounting as low as $2,000. the value to make a deck in wood, composite or plastic is concerning $35 per area unit, together with materials. the value of your project can rely upon factors like size, building materials, and extras to reinforce practicality.


Just what quantity will a composite deck cost? it is easy to estimate the materials alone.

COST to make A DECK

Calculate what quantity a deck prices in materials. Compare the prices for composite, cedar, redwood, exotic hardwoods and pressure treated materials. Enter the specified dimension and depth for your deck below and explore the prices of materials for a spread of our styles.

Deck Materials: execs, Cons Some deck materials need nearly no in progress maintenance, however you may pay a small amount a lot of for the convenience. less costly materials will build a fine deck, however typically need a lot of maintenance, like regular cleansing and resealing to avoid decay and color changes. once selecting materials for your deck project, your choices constitute 3 main classes, every with execs and cons.

Plastics and Composites

Composite decking is more and more well-liked, because it needs very little maintenance. choices embrace synthetic resin (with a mean price per area unit of $7.82), polypropene (average price per area unit, $8.68) and vinyl resin or PVC (average price per area unit, $7.50 hollow core, $9.48 solid core.)W-PE CLADDING 

How Much will It price to make a Deck?

adding a deck could be a good way to expand your living space at a modest price per area unit. in keeping with the “Cost vs. worth Report” from “Remodeling” magazine, the national price to possess a basic, all-pressure-treated wood deck professionally engineered is $31 per area unit. Compare that to the national price for a two-story addition of concerning $210 per area unit, and out of doors living sounds very engaging.

What is the value to make a Deck? Use Our Calculator

It certain helps to understand what quantity your deck can price before shopping for materials.

Use our careful deck price calculator below and browse on for all the knowledge you’ll ought to cost-out a deck in 2018.

Calculate what quantity it prices to make a brand new deck, together with all materials and labor. Get costs for various sorts of decks, supported your specifications – size, style of railing, material, etc. valuation is additionally adjusted for your geographic location.

2018 price to make A Deck – Estimate costs For high Decking Materials

This year, it prices concerning $5,000-8,500, to construct a brand new deck.


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