About us

GLORY WOODPOWER WPC Decking China was founded by a passionate and driven team that recognised the lack of environmentally conscientious, practical or durable construction solutions available. Years of research and continual product refinement has resulted in GLORY WOODPOWER gaining recognition as a leader of the environmentally friendly composite decking brands construction industry, both locally and abroad.


GLORY WOODPOWER is founded on the principle of providing exceptional products and services. We take pride in developing advanced solutions that are robust yet easy to use. Most importantly, however, we value lasting relationships, both with our environment and with our community.

low cost composite decking

We have had the unique position of being involved (and continue to be so) in all stages of the composite industry, from production to installation. As a result, GLORY WOODPOWER has a distinctive blend of practical and technical knowledge that we use to assist owners, developers, architects and building professionals alike in achieving their design objectives.

We strive to continually improve and innovate. To deliver revolutionary products and attentive support to all our customers.

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