how to install decking boards? how to install pressure treated deck boards, when you buy the floor you want, how to install it in your garden or by the swimming pool, this requires a time-tested installation plan!


  Screws tend to be safer than nails as a result of they keep connected because the boards expand and contract with the seasons. it’s super necessary that you simply purchase actual deck screws – not solely is it necessary for safety, however it’ll keep your deck in higher form for a extended time. My personal preference for decking screws are a few things like PowerPro with a star head. It’s less doubtless to strip and that i haven’t had any ‘head popping’ issues.

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  Pre-drill the ends of the boards to avoid cacophonic mistreatment 2 screws wherever every decking board and beam ran into.

  initial Board

  select your straightest board to be your initial piece of decking because it can go right up against the house. Cut it to length and slide it up against the house regarding 1/8” aloof from the siding (to provide drainage). Proceed together with your next board so on so on.

  Last Board

  once you area unit regarding 6-10 feet from the tip of the deck, check the remaining distances from the sting. Divide this distance by the dimension of the WPC decking boards and 1/8″. you must attempt to finish the decking with a full dimension board if potential. you’ll be able to slightly unfold or shrink the gaps for an ideal work.

  Side roughening treatment

  Once you have got all of your deck boards in situ, if you haven’t already pre-measured them, interrupt the ends that reach over the sting of the deck by snapping a twine and employing a power saw to chop all the boards in one step. you will have to be compelled to use a hand saw in some corners and different areas.

  When you finish reading this article, you will know how to install decking boards. If you have any other questions to consult, please contact us directly. Thank you for your reading!

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