How to select low cost composite decking


Simplify buying composite decking by consideration the importance of seven key problems, as well asbudget, sunlight, moisture, appearance, building codes and also the price of extras. Some varieties canmeet your desires et al will not.

  Are you on a good budget?

Composite decking, like GLORY WOODPOWER decking, low cost prices $3 to $7 per sq. ft. ($1.50 to $5 per sculptor. ft.). Most lumberyards and residential centers stock a minimum of one or 2 brands and may special order others. Most brands of the essential composites area unit similar and can perform simply fine. The variationsreturn right down to variations in style, colors, mixture of plastic and wood, installation systems and texture. If you’re pleased with a restricted palette of colors; a straightforward, repetitive grain pattern; and a swish or combed end, you’ll notice a range of low maintenance, lower-cost product that meet your desires.

Composite lumber decking sometimes comes in 12-, 16- and 20-ft. planks, and railing parts in 12- and 16-ft. increments. coming up with your deck style around these measurements will prevent cash and cut waste. you’ll conjointly keep your prices down by employing a system that installs with face screws (rather than hidden fasteners) and building rails from wood.

  The Good Life simply got higher

GLORY WOODPOWER Decking offers the low maintenance of a composite at a value that is nearer to wood.

Capped on 3 sides with a troublesome protecting end, no maintenance. GLORY WOODPOWER Decking board panel resists staining and attenuation. And with its solid composite construction, you’ll say good-by to decay, warping, breakboards, too.

There’s additional excellent news. currently GLORY WOODPOWER Decking is out there in 2 wealthy, multi-chromatic colours furthermore as our original solid shades. These new colours, house and house, rival the designof tropical hardwoods whereas our tried-and-true originals, Cabin and house, check ancient painted wood.

Turns out nice life is really pretty great.


When researching low maintenance decking materials there area unit some necessary things to contemplate and compare. albeit there area unit variety of composite deck brands presently on the market, we’d suggest limiting your search to corporations that have a current engineering report. severalnative building departments need that a manufacturer has one among these reports to supply testing information for his or her product so as to issue permits. Another necessary issue to contemplate is native handiness. it’s best to seek out a cloth that’s stocked with at a neighborhood workplace. this may create returns and future buying rather more convenient.

  Composite Decking prices

The average price of composite decking is $35 per sq ft.

For polythylene-based composite decking, the common price per sq ft is $7.82.

For polypropylene-based decking, the common low cost price is $8.68 per sq ft.

For solid PVC (PVC)-based decking, the common low cost price per sq ft is $9.48, although shopping for this material in hollow slats will cut back the value to around $7.50 per sq ft.

Overall, householders United Nations agency elect composite decking ought to expect to pay anyplacefrom $9,000 to $20,000 for a composite deck, with the common according price, consistent with GLORY WOODPOWER, at $15,579.


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